tisdag 28 augusti 2007

Yippie! Million Dollar Reality on the Top!

Finally :), I am #1 for million dollar reality on Google! I just checked and it took 2 months of doing nothing! I havent even been posting to this blog... I mean, SEO these days are not as hard as people claim. Just work for it and you will make it sooner or later!

I have made all of my goals so far and that is why I also have to create a link to my other goal which is to get my other blog "http://www.chrisstigson.com" to top 10 on Google for "Chris" that will be virtually impossible, but I am pretty sure I can pull it off in some way or another!

Hang tight and see what happens!

In the mean time I suggest you get my "TheBonusGuy Blueprint". It teaches you how to rank high on Google for your keyterms! Learn the 8 secret websites that can do it for you!

Until Next Time,

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