fredag 31 augusti 2007

My First $1000 Day!

Hey! I am happy to tell you that my process is going a lot better now! I have managed to make my first $1,000 in one single day! It was during a short introduction of "TheBonusGuy blueprint", which will have another bigger launch soon. I am just in the testing phase of it and it's going great. Check it out! - Only $57 :)


tisdag 28 augusti 2007

Yippie! Million Dollar Reality on the Top!

Finally :), I am #1 for million dollar reality on Google! I just checked and it took 2 months of doing nothing! I havent even been posting to this blog... I mean, SEO these days are not as hard as people claim. Just work for it and you will make it sooner or later!

I have made all of my goals so far and that is why I also have to create a link to my other goal which is to get my other blog "" to top 10 on Google for "Chris" that will be virtually impossible, but I am pretty sure I can pull it off in some way or another!

Hang tight and see what happens!

In the mean time I suggest you get my "TheBonusGuy Blueprint". It teaches you how to rank high on Google for your keyterms! Learn the 8 secret websites that can do it for you!

Until Next Time,

söndag 5 augusti 2007

Affiliate Cloak Magic is Re-Launched at a much lower price!"

If you want to make money for yourself, and for me. WIN/WIN! I am a biggie on win/win. Now, I have just released my product again from a previously "failed launch". I only sold 23 copies from it. It generated me enough to cover the costs of creating it.

Now I have done 1000x better design and updated some of the stuff. You should check it out for sure! Only $17 instead of $47. That is a real price cut and as soon as sales start roaring in I will take it down so be sure to grab a copy right now! Or sign up as an affiliate... - Select Affiliate Only!

Good Luck Chris!

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I have not been writing for a while, that is because I have been busy making money! Now, how did I do it? Well, head over to & find out how I managed to pull in a lot of money on the internet. Now I am going to create a $7 or $17 report on how I am making this happen. I know the suggested price for this product is WAY higher & I might raise the price soon! Now as for benefits and features, head over to! Thank you!

Please feel free to comment on anything and give me tips on how to improve my ideas. I am currently working on an e-book that will be teaching the steps you need in order to make money online. It's in the creating and I will be selling it for a very low fee. I am thinking $7 at this point in time. I have a FREE report. Now all I need is to sell something more and teach people how I did it. If you want to head over to my website, which again is: then I highly recommend it! Don't be surprised if the price of the report is $17 or even $27! But for now I am thinking $7 because it is fair to all parties. Also, if you want to make money instantly, just head over to "" and pick up a copy of my report! Get ready and be sure to make 2007 the year of prosperity and wealth. Success and happiness!

Good Luck with marketing & be sure to sign up for the newletter which will be filled with information! Many people are happy to be on my list at this point, which highly raises my self-esteem and confidence in the field!


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tisdag 5 juni 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Squidoo Uh Huuh!

Squidoo is my saviour right now... even though I am getting on top of google for commonly searched terms such as "Rich Jerk Review" I am also using a Squidoo account to rank! This is done very easily. Also I have gotten the money to start a new project. This one is called Affiliate Cloak Magic. I will be releasing it soon. It covers all my methods so far for getting ranked on google in 10 days. That is said to be virtually impossible now a day. If you want to see proof then I am uploading a video to youTube that you can watch. This is already generating me streams of traffic I didnt't expect. I knew being on top of Google was good, but not this good. Search for a hot product that is online atm. Let's search for "newbie cash machine" I am number 2 in Google for this product. It's just amazing how much money can be found here. I am going to add a special offer to my product soon!

Also I have gotten my hands on the 7 dollar e-book script which can be obtained at

Thanks for reading

söndag 3 juni 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Squidoo Uh Huuh!

Yeah, Squidoo rocks, I have been starting too look for clickbank products that are being promoted on clickbank and using a little special trick I am able to get revenue from it. Whenever a person searches for the product name of the product I have researched I get on #1 ranking in google and I get to have all the clicks, and make revenue. These sites are seen 15,000/month. Cash, here we come :) very nice. Head over to my site. and sign-up for my newsletter and get a free e-book. Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich and also a free report by me on basic affiliate marketing with articles and FREE traffic. It's very nice actually! It's for YOU I earn nothing unless you buy something. If you want to do that then you are more than welcome, remember I have all the products I review and I can tell you ever detail, every word on what page If you ask me. :) hope you make money! Thanks for reading. XOXOXO

lördag 2 juni 2007

Million Dollar Reality - More Tricks

Today I have started to make sales pages with bonuses for different products. This has been a fun project to do and to check one of the examples out I can show you There I have made a sales page with a bonus offer if you buy through my affiliate link. This is also connected to a Squidoo Review on "Newbie Cash Machine", I expect this to get indexed soon and get a couple of sales.

I am also reporting that I have been getting a fair amount of visitors to my website :) I am happy to see these people come there and read my stuff. I have yet made any sales from the ones I want to, but that's ok. I will continue to write articles and drive traffic to my site. I will continue to post here and on Squidoo. I will make more sales pages with bonuses, and I will create a REPORT on affiliate marketing, the basics.

Also for marketing tips, join my newsletter on for new information and a lot of fun stuff!

Thanks Chris