lördag 2 juni 2007

Million Dollar Reality - More Tricks

Today I have started to make sales pages with bonuses for different products. This has been a fun project to do and to check one of the examples out I can show you http://www.online-marketing-expert.com/bonuses/NewbieCashMachine.html There I have made a sales page with a bonus offer if you buy through my affiliate link. This is also connected to a Squidoo Review on "Newbie Cash Machine", I expect this to get indexed soon and get a couple of sales.

I am also reporting that I have been getting a fair amount of visitors to my website :) I am happy to see these people come there and read my stuff. I have yet made any sales from the ones I want to, but that's ok. I will continue to write articles and drive traffic to my site. I will continue to post here and on Squidoo. I will make more sales pages with bonuses, and I will create a REPORT on affiliate marketing, the basics.

Also for marketing tips, join my newsletter on www.online-marketing-expert.com for new information and a lot of fun stuff!

Thanks Chris

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