tisdag 5 juni 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Squidoo Uh Huuh!

Squidoo is my saviour right now... even though I am getting on top of google for commonly searched terms such as "Rich Jerk Review" I am also using a Squidoo account to rank! This is done very easily. Also I have gotten the money to start a new project. This one is called Affiliate Cloak Magic. I will be releasing it soon. It covers all my methods so far for getting ranked on google in 10 days. That is said to be virtually impossible now a day. If you want to see proof then I am uploading a video to youTube that you can watch. This is already generating me streams of traffic I didnt't expect. I knew being on top of Google was good, but not this good. Search for a hot product that is online atm. Let's search for "newbie cash machine" I am number 2 in Google for this product. It's just amazing how much money can be found here. I am going to add a special offer to my product soon!

Also I have gotten my hands on the 7 dollar e-book script which can be obtained at http://www.online-marketing-expert.com/recommends/TheSevenDayEbook

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