onsdag 25 april 2007

How to generate Money

I have not yet started to generate money :(. Actually I have not even made a try yet. I am going to get my adsense account approved, which I requested on the day of starting my blog! When that is approved I will setup my blog better and start to generate money.

I could start by selling affiliate products right now, but I want to wait. You might say this is stupid, but I'd say it is good. I want to see some stuff first. I want to know that people come here. I want to see that people like what I write, I know people like what I write so why wait? I want to get approved, it is a mental thing at the moment. Think what you want and you will get it.

"Whatever your mind can concieve and believe it can achive" - Napolen Hill



1 kommentar:

Grant sa...

Great idea you have. I too, am running a million dollar project, but for different reasons as yours. I like your candid straight to the point writing.

Have grabbed your feed and will be following you on your journey to a Million.