lördag 28 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #6 - Getting some advertising

I have been getting a pretty okey string of traffic for being a personal blog. I am still trying to get more publicity in a few different ways. I have joined a few more communities, such as mySpace, myLOT and a Swedish community not worth mentioning. Over at myLOT I am making about $4 per day, which soon is going to add up. When that adds up I am starting a new project with a nice young man who's name is anonymous. We have a great business plan and it's going well. I need three dollars atleast in my PayPal account before this project can be up and running! Join my at myLOT to make money for surfing around the community and discussing different topic. Anything between heaven and earth. Should be interesting.

AdSense still not approved. AdSense still pending? Wow!

Today I will probably speak of Social Networking and how that is important in starting a business.

- How to get legit friends to help you.
- How to get the right people for the tasks you can not do.
- How to start something you are prolonging.
- How to get rid of fear of loss and start earning money right away.
- How to chose a niche and why it is important to have a good domain name.

I am feeling really positive towards this project at the moment and as soon as AdSense is ready I will begin this the real way :) I am just in the starting phase and it is being slow, but every project has speed-bumps.

/Cheers Chris

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