onsdag 25 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #3 - Status and E-Lists

Million Dollar Reality - Day #3 - Status and E-Lists

Alright Todays stats are about 70 visitors since day two.. Which is great. I have requested for a free list at Freelists.org, and it said to take 24 hours before that was done. I will have to wait before that completes. When that completes I will start generating a list.
A list is great. I will tell you why.

Q: Why is building a list so important?

A: A list is important because with it you can send e-mails to all of your subscribers simultaneously. How great is that? Now you can send them information about updates on your site. You can send them product reviews. There is a possibility for you to expand your network and befriend alot of people. Maybe you will find a great product in your clickbank account that you can send to them as an affiliate. Let's do some math again.

You have let's say 10,000 visitors a month, which is REALLY LOW for a project
Only about 200 per 1000 sign-up.
That's 20%
Which again is low. (not for a blog, but a splash page)
Don't know what a splash page is? search google for it.
Alright so you get 2000 subscribers on your list over a period of time. (get alot more)
You send out a recommendation or a review on an amazing product.
Let's say 25% read it or click that mail.
That is 400 people reading your e-mail.
Now let's say that 25% again was interested in the product or have had a thought of consideration.
That gives you 100 POTENTIAL candidates
The commission on your product is let's say $50
100x$50 = $5,000 in just one mailing
Let's be negative and belive that only about 30 people buy the product or have plans to do it
That is still...

30 x $50 = $1500

Imagine now that your list was bigger.. Let's say 10,000 and the product you were selling costs $200, but it is so interesting that out of the many people on your list only let's say 300 was interested. That would generate

300 x $200 = $60,000

Now that for me is alright...

Note: These numbers are no gurantee. I know people who have had numbers way above the ones I showed you here. Experts talk more about lists than anything else. So for the love of God GET A LIST.

Get a list built at ListDotCom.com


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