torsdag 26 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #4 - Mentality and Focus

Million Dollar Reality - Day #4 - Mentality and Focus

Alright I have to mention my mentality towards money that I have.

* There are GOOD rich people - Operah for example
* There are poor bad people
* There are rich bad people, which means I owe the world to be rich! I am a good person.
* I contribute to people.
* People who have negativity do so because of lack.
* I am a positive person and I deserve money because I do good things with money.
* I can do so many good things with money that if I wouldn't have it I would have to have it anyway because everybody else realize I'd do so much good with it.
* Many people do not realize that money brings so much freedom that it would be stupid not to have it!

If you had money, where would you go? What would you do?

* Would you visit hospitals in Africa, and donate $100,000 to the ones who need it?

* Would you buy 100,000 books with information on how to create wealth, and give them
out freely to poor countries?

* Would you look at all the art in the Louvre?

* Would you travel the world and realize how different everybody in the world is?

* Is there people you'd want to meet?

* Did you have a drem of a house when you were little? If so, would you buy it?

* Is there something you think you'd only dream of having at home?
A cinema at home? impossible right? It's possible

I would do all these things, I am going to do all these thing, I have done all these things (in the back of my mind).

Would you like to find out more on how to generate wealth for good people and have a "no limit" mentality towards money?

Please visit this great resource:

Money Beyond Belief by Joe Vitale and Brad Yates


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