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Million Dollar Reality - How to generate $1,000,000 from $0 and an idea.

Hi, My name is Christopher Stigson and I am a 19 year old student from Uppsala, Sweden.

I have decided to make a "Dream come true".

I've set up these DEFINATE Guidlines:

* I will start my Million Dollar Dream Today, Monday 23 of April 2007.

* I will post on products, and methods I've read and tried. You can use the reviews to go about doing what I've done to generate my income.

* I have a budget of $0 to start with. I want everyone who follows this blog or does something
similar to what I am doing to have $0, otherwise this is not encouraging for any other people.

* I want to show that with determination and a precise goal, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

* I will write atleast 5 times a week for as long as this process takes, for as long as I have to, to make $1,000,000.

* I want to have One Million Dollars in MY bank account when this project is done.
--Note that the Method is still unknown. (I'll come back later when I have manifested this entirely, I just got the Idea 5 minutes ago, come on give me a break!)

Background and Idea:

I've read hundreds of books on Self-Help and manifesting money!

I've tried a few websites to generate money, such as http://datingadvice.my-php.net with no success at all.

Note: All my sites I ever made has been free, and with no hosting cost. I want to build a website/project from scratch and since blogging is FREE and is a worldwide resource for information this could very well be the next site that generates hundreds of thousands of clicks each month.

I have had a scarcity mentality about everything I've ever done, in regards to money.

I've had Mentalities such as:

* "Money is the root to all evil" - Come on, you are the only root to evil

* If you have money people will hate you and other bad ideas.

* I am lazy and to make alot of money you need to really work hard, get off your ass and
money does not come easily.

* Money is only for the ones that have achieved something or had alot of money to invest in from the beginning such as stock trading, internetmarketing through Google AdWords, and Google AdSense. Another example is Entrepenuers and definately Poker players. There are also other risktakers.

New Mindset for this project:

* There is enough money for everyone in the world to be a millionaire and still some left!

The world's money right now is so widely separated that one person sits with $114,000,000 and someone sits with $1 or less..


* If you SAVE one dollar per day for your kids. Your kids will have

$ 1 x 365 x 18 = $6570

That is $6570 when they turn 18 years old.

My parents have given me $10 a month since I was born and now I am 19 years old. Let's do the math on that.

$ 10 x 12 x 19 = $2280

Now, let's add to the formula.. interest.
I don't know exactly what the interest is in my bank
but I know what what I got now is around

That is a substancial amount to start anything fun with, and from only $10/month.
What I want you to realize from this is that
money can be saved
or money can be earned.

You decide.

My Tip here is that you put away an amount each month for your children.

Will it be $1, $10, $20 or $100?

Do the math for your calculations
Give that money to your kids for the future!


Simple Idea for my income is as follows:

* I believe I can make money if I provide the market or viewvers with the right content, and the right kind of information that is valuable to as many people as possible.
(Ofcourse all of the internetmarketers out there says something else such as find your niche)

Imagine you have an idea that could sell to ever person in china!

That is well over 1 billion people.
let's say you sold only one product for the...

and your return value was as low as $0.01 you'd still make
Oh let's see...
$1,000,000,000 x 0.01 = $10,000,000
That is "TEN MILLION DOLLARS" from a product worth "$1"

What I want to touch on here is that I am going to create a Blog for people who have a Goal, somewhere deep inside their hearts.

They think of money all the time, they just cannot find a way to EARN it. My goal here is to provide for those people, who feel that "$97" for a product with no REAL guarantees can make money while investing that money in more useful information or products that have litterally worked for me, or for atleast 50,000 other people. Will it be Online, Offline or somewhere else?

As I've said before, my starting budget is $0 and my goal is $1,000,000!


My idea is to find the one thing that generates income, from having $0.

It is going to work for anybody with a little mindpower, anybody with a little creativity shall be able to do EXACTLY what I did.

You will be able to follow the process of my investments along the way as you read this blog.


Note that I have made some words bold in this text. I feel these are the keywords, and phrases that would generate a Sub-Consious focus. To manifest you have to manifest in a thought which in return, comes back with answers. Some people call it "Tuning in"

These answers I have will manifest and come to action in this blog and it's content will provide step-by-step instructions on how I have done it, and why I see it working..

Now I am off to manifesting my thoughts in the simple phrase:

"I have the intention of $1,000,000 dollars to come into my life easily and for the highest good of all, I provide for the greater whole, and get ideas and money in return.
The universe hears me"

Best regards,
Christopher Stigson , 19 years from Sweden

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Anonym sa...

hi this is Jake from Idaho, I think what you got goinf is a really cool idea and I hope you make it. I will follow you for the next month or so. Not everyday, but once in a while to check on progress. I am thinking of starting one myself, but we'll see. If you are successful maybe I will try it. So keep us posted