torsdag 26 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #4 - Viral Marketing

Something interesting when it comes to numbers

This could very well be something that has to do with money and numbers, take a look, it is a fantastic little website!

I found this link and it shows how much money pennies are worth and some fun facts about pennies. This is also part of my mentality! I can grow from practically zero to ten million dollars in 30 days.. take a closer look and you will understand what I mean!

They show how one penny that doubles the next day for 30 days equals so much money that you have to take up on the offer. This is the idea behin Viral Marketing.

Viral Marketing is a business plan that practically gives you a starting amount or a referral link or something similar. You then give it to people and they click it. Now you get referrals from them. So in a way you are always on top, and the other people are under you, but contribute to you. An example of this is Viral Friends Generator created by a very well respected internet marketer. His name is Mike Filsiame and you should know of him! He is so widely respected on the internet and he has hundreds of great products that has made him so much money I can't count anymore.

So If you would like to take a look at Mike's Software head over to

Viral Friends

Note: I have not tried the product, all I know is that Viral Marketing has worked for hundreds of people, so be quick about heading over there!
Created and sold by Mike Filsaime a very respected marketer.

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