torsdag 26 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #4 - End of Day status

Alright at the end of day four I decided to find a better statscounter that counts only "unique visitors". I like this alot more since I can then keep track better. My previous counters counted page reloads and I did not like that since I couldn't keep specific track of my traffic. So now that I have restarted my counter I am back to zero. Before I had around 100 visitors total and 70 the last 2 days.

I now have a Ranking of #29 for the term "million dollar reality" on google. I am located after alot of million dollar reality-TV spots. That is a Tv show, so I can be pretty happy to come after that.

Google rank of #29 i 3 days, but I am on day #4 now. Cool

Note: I can't find myself on google for search term "million dollar reality" it has to be ""million dollar reality"" in quotes.. million dollar reality only gives no results as of yet. I also list #1 on Google for the term "Christopher Stigson" which is no suprise :). I have not checked all my terms yet as Million dollar reality is my goal for SEO. I am also rated pretty high for a few other keywords I don't have time mentioning, can you find them yourself maybe? I know for a fact that "million dollar" is searched for about 78 million times per month, and even higher is "one million" at about 480 million searches. I am at the moment doing alot of research on the terms that could rank my page higher on Google. I am not going to cheat by writing 200 posts on "Fat burn" or "diet" which would be pretty lame. I want to do this fair and square with as little manipulation as possible. I want "real" backlinks and I want to be ranked high on google in about three months time

I have also tried to get backlinks from PR 1-10 sites all day with keywords that relate to my content. This has been a struggle as well as fun. Who Knows, maybe in a few days this site may have 1,000 hits in one day and get a very nice milstone!

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