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Million Dollar Reality - Day #6 - Patience

I have been keeping my promise to write every day! I feel it is a great accomplishment already! I have been reading all day today, again. I have also been in town doing some private stuff. I have mostly been reading though! I found a great book about the topic "Patience". It was an e-book on internetmarketing. The name "Affiliate of the Month" really caught my eye. I mean, if getting that status and the name of the book was true then this man has to have something good to say, right? As I've stated here before. I only listen to the best, the experts and whatever they are doing that works I try to use. This is a mentality that also comes from Napoleon Hill. He talks about it in all of his products.

He talks of Three simple questions for any business success:

- What are we doing?
- What is working?
- What is not working?

Take what works and change what does not work, so simple yet so many fail on this.

This principle was so simple to take into account that even a five year old kid could do it! He then talks of a story where a man was the head CEO of a company and his wife had never even been at the office once in 20 years. The companies annual income was roughly $10,000,000. This old and experienced man died for whatever reason. Everybody thought his wife would sell the company and move on. Ten million dollars is a pretty nice settlement for any old woman. She was stubborn enough to keep the company. Guess what she did? Yes, that is right! She simply called a meeting and started to ask the three questions. The wife who was now single and had a company larger than she could ever imagine suddenly became CEO over night. The responses were straight to the point. She collected all the information she needed and started to get people on the right track. "Everone who is successful, keep working. Those who are not successful come with me". She then told everybody to come up with better ideas on how to do things. She set up a goal of one month. In one month, they had to come with an idea. All the employees came back with great new methods and the company made $20,000,000 instead of $10,000,000 in one year. This is an amazing change.

Now how is this related to Patience you might ask?

Well firstly I have not had the success I wanted in the beginning. I am slightly behind. I already think some people would give up posting. It has only been one week and I want results. Right?


This is a long process. It may take longer than expected. I am going to have to accept that. I am not discouraged by the results. Quite the opposite! I am glad to have had so many people here already. I think I have about twohundred readers the first week. I have had a few people coming back. I will keep providing you with free information. I know that in a few months this site will kick off in an avalanche effect!

Back to the E-book I read today! It said to cummilate posts and email over a long period of time.. You'd think that after two months and still no sales is a bad thing. It can be, but does not have to be. Who are the most successful people? Usually the ones who try, try again. Often these people try hundreds of times. Thomas Jefferson made 1,000 lightbulbs that didn't work, He laughed and said, "I have come up with 1,000 ways how not to make a lightbulb". Interesting theory this Persistance. I am a strong believer in the truth behind all science. Science says that persistance combined with patience is a key that could unlock many doors. My patience and persistance in this will open atleast 3 keys. One to my car, one to my house and one to your brain.

Would you like to purchase this book that has hundreds of Affiliate Marketing tips for you and your partners, then grab a copy over at:


Very well respected man in the business that has made $100,000 in 7 days using his method. Amazing read really! Amazing

Thanks all for reading million-dollar-reality.blogspot.com

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