tisdag 24 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #2 - Status

Million Dollar Reality - Day #2 - Status

Today I have now gotten several hundred "confirmation links" to click on. I came home late from school today so I have not had enough time to do alot of work on the site.

TRAFFIC STATUS FOR the first 24 Hours is about 35-38 since my counter registers page reoloads, and I have visited my own site about 10 times so 48-10 = 38 hits already.

I do believe this is pretty good for not having google top 10 ranking yet. I shall continue to spread my link since I have been focusing on just setting up my keywords correctly.

I have not changed my keywords yet. They remain the same.

<META CONTENT='million dollars, million dollar reality,
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Alright, that is enough for now, I'll get back in a few minutes to write about Forum submissions and how you can add a signature link! And what pages to write on, and why that is good etc.


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