söndag 29 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #7 - Status and end of day thanks

Today has been a day for the books for this website! I have came up with some new resources that could boost this website forever! I will not reveal this secret just yet. I want my AdSense account to be approved before I show you. It will be my first few bucks let me tell you. It is a nice little secret that I will keep for myself for just a few more days until AdSense comes up! I also want to say that my work these past days has made my site come to rank pretty high with the Google Search Engines for my keyword "Million Dollar Reality". It has come to my attention that it now through http://tools.seo2.info blog I'm now ranked in the top Three!! spots of Google! That is in one week ranking top 3 on google for the keyword "million dollar reality". I can also see my website all over the place on forums and other marketing places that I have been posting on!

This only shows you that doing that little extra everyday pays off! I will be laughing and thanking everone who have visited the website and spread the word on how to do the exact same thing I am doing, when I reach the million! My goal is still far away. Have you ever heard of the Snowball effect? Or the Butterlfy effect? This practically means that what I do NOW will pay off maybe not tomorrow, not tomorrow for sure, but in let's say one year, or 5 months! What I want to reinforce here is that the information I post here will always be here! I will not change any of this information. You will see the process every single day, every single week. You will see at the end when I have my million that this thought of abundance and helping others pays off.

I have been searching forums for a partner and I have found a potential partner. Do you have an idea that could benefit you in the same way it would benefit me? Feel free to get my Newsletter and e-mail me for a plan. Who knows? Maybe that is the next million-dollar-reality!

Chris Stigson

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