lördag 28 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #6 - Advertising

I have now registered for a website that will sponsor any webstite $5/month for showing a banner. I have subscribed to get approved for this too. That will get me a nice starting point. That means that after a month I will have $10 + $5 + donations + myLot earnings + AdSense, which could equal any amount at this time. I'm am bringing in about $50-$100 this month. This is my goal. That would be a pretty nice starting amount to get domain names, hosting and things in that nature. Then I will start a niche website, that ofcourse will be linked from here. It is already done in my mind. I have not yet put it on paper.

Interesting calculations, speculations and results at this moment.
There is another way to double up small amounts of money. The way to do that is through poker. I can add money to a poker account with bonuses and play the number of raked hand and get my money back. There is an evident risk to this method, but it has a tendency to work. The raked hands is usually only 10x the money put in. So $15 = 150 raked hands. Very easy to do and you get $15+ whatever you win. Great way to make small amounts add up!


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Anonym sa...

Please for the love of god stay away from poker. Unless you know more about it than 95% of the population your going to blow your hard earned money.

Anyway nice idea and keep it up, stay positive because your latest posts seem to have a bit of a 'dark' side to them. ;)

Anonym sa...

Hello. I really think that such sites like yours are very important for self-development for everybody. Thank you for yours work.