söndag 29 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #7 - Affiliate Marketing

I have made my research these past couple of days and I have found that Affiliate marketing is definitily the most profitable way to make money from zero dollars. That would be because it does not require you to have a website or anything else that costs money for you.

What are the advantages to affiliate marketing?

- You don't have to put any effort into creating a product!
- There is no hidden fee for you, you simple get your commission and leave.
- You don't have to handle with shipping & handling or buy-backs. Anything in that nature!
- The affiliate-systems usually have everything laid out for you in a "Promotion Tools Area" of your affiliate marketplace.
- It is very simple to change affiliate product! Your market is not dead if you notice that your product is dying.
- There is very little work on your part. The only thing you have to do really, is get people to click on your affiliate link and get them to buy from you!
- There are many ways to promote your affiliate link!

Affiliate marketing is so simple even you can do it. Here is a website that gives you 200 FREE Ebooks that you can use in combination with an affilliate offer in case you want to get some leverage. These products you can add to your affiliate landing page, your affiliate splash page or anything in that nature. Since it is 100% FREE and you don't have to buy anything I'd recommend you go over there if you are serious about making money online.

Note: It is only information for you and I make no commision from you going over there. No messing around, pure free E-Books that you can add to your affiliate marketing idea!!

Thanks for reading today!
/Chris over at million-dollar-reality.blogspot.com

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