måndag 23 april 2007

Million Dollar Reality - STEP #1 - Traffic part 2

Million Dollar Reality - STEP #1 - Traffic part 2

Ok, now I have been submitting the link to directories all over the internet, I think about 200+ directories. I have added it to places where it said it would add it for 1500+ other directories and search engines, so now I know I am getting ranked back from my work. This process will take about 2-3 weeks before completed and I expect to be ranked very high on google for at least some of my keywords.

Note: The possibility of getting a certain keywork can be measured or checked in many ways, there are hundreds of "keyword density tools" and other FREE services you could use. I have a recommendation for www.seobook.com which has alot of great features, and you can easily see what to improve and edit to rank higher!

This what I am doing right now is called SEO, for more information on SEO go to Wikipedia and look for "SEO". This will provide you with the knowledge I had about it when I started this site.

As we can see at the bottom of the page, I needed to add a code on my blog for the directories to approve my application. I am willing to add that code to the bottom, if it means getting me more traffic. For now I will relax back and see how much traffic I can get this month. I need to check this mothly, or maybe weekly to see when I get submittet and to see where the traffic comes from. Set up a traffic stats-program if your Cpanel does not include one! This is for keeping track of your stats. You will get exact clicks, where they came from and a lot more usefull information.

Wow, three posts the first day! This feels great, I'm in a snowball-effect and I'm feeling great.

Regards, Christopher Stigson

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