torsdag 3 maj 2007

How to make a million dollars - Generate a million dollars

How to make a million dollars come true.

Alright I have come up with my new idea. This idea is also marketing realted, but has to do with creating a product. The product will be my own E-book on how I generated a million dollars and how easy it was. You too can make a million dollars as easy as I made it. That is probably the motto of the E-book. I will tell you stories from my nineteen year old life. How many of my successes come from a simple mindset, that too will be covered in the book. The title of the book will probably be "Million Dollar Reality - How to make a million dollars", you might say that a nineteen year old kid is not capable of succeeding in such a task. That would probably come from a person that has the wrong mindset and has no idea why 95% of the money belongs to 5% of the worlds population.

The book is in the making and I am going to stop promoting anything on this website! Why would you want to buy anything from a kid with a dream right? ;)


This book has a lot of concepts and how it is so easy to do, why I made it and how FAST I made it. My idea is not to "hype" you or anything in that nature. No quite the opposite! Please read all of the books on the internet first. Then come back. When you have found that no book is "the magic pill" then you might take a deeper consideration and actually read a book by a nineteen year old. I am so confident that this book will sell atleast 1,000 copies.

The word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. You'll see that when this book is released to the public, even you will buy it! If you do not, then I did not do my job good enough. If you are a first time reader and would like to have some good information on how to make your simple idea make one million dollars then sign up to the right for my newsletter, that at this time is pretty empty :(

Even though it is empty or has a few subscribers I know that when my product is released and people start to think "Wow, that is so simple, why am I so stupid? This guy is only 19 years ol and seems to have the mind of a grown up. Creative and positive mindset with no limits, I wonder why I am just sitting here reading, and reading."

If you have read this blogpost then I do believe you are captured in some way or another, Please send me an e-mail at so we can discuss what you would like to see more of, and what you would like to see me post about. My intentions are to make one million dollars, but I have changed it to "How to make a million dollars in one week", I know this is possible I just need to take contact with some people with little more expertise on certain subject. I have to finish my book that by the way already has about 25 pages of very straight to the point content on how simple one million dollars is to earn!

Wow, long post.

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