tisdag 1 maj 2007

Scam Reviews

I have set up a website for the hungry to read about the scams out there. http://scamreviews.my-php.net is the link. Here you can read about how not to get scammed.

I have tried this and since I got a website with them, that means I've tried it. This is how most people make money.. They target a link to a page that looks and feels like this one. This is how they earn commission from you.. Hover a link over there and you can see that they are affiliate links from Clickbank which I talked about earlier. If you want a similar website for low prices you can check that out.. It's a fast way to start earning affiliate commissions in a "legal" and "white hat" manner. That means, not breaking any laws. simply promote that website from Google AdWords and you can get alot of commission from that. If you buy any of the E-Books they have got on that site you can read more on how they use methods such as "slow rolling" and how that is effective. The creators have a smart idea that I think many people already use. This is very common, but also very effective. So make an investment for yourself and start promoting a site like that today. The creators of the site earn Gross Sales so out of this world, it is amazing. I am going to start a site of my own in that manner when I start making my first dollars, since I will not invest in anything before I have started to earn. That is a promise I will keep. Also, I can tell you I am already making money online on the side, but for this project I want to start fresh.

/thanks Chris

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