torsdag 3 maj 2007

How to make a million dollars

How many sales would one have to make to make a million dollars?

Essetially ONE. Something worth one million dollars is hard to create though!

I am writing an ebook that would have value of around $200-$300, no problem!
How many would I have to sell to make one million dollars?

That is 1,000,000 / 200 = 5,000 sales. That is not hard to do considering the information it would contain. I'm sure more than 5,000 people would be interested in how any person in the world litteraly could make $1,000,000 really quickly.

Now let's say we only charge $100, that would make me have to sell 10,000 copies. That agian seems more than doable. See how simple calculations are easy to build up expectations on your release. Not only do I only have to sell 10,000 copies for only $100 with a value of three times as much! This can simply be done. Let's say I only sell it for $50, that would require me to sell 20,000 copies. A best-seller sells over 100,000 copies really really quickly. I have to cut that in half twice to make my intention become reality..

That is 20,000 copies at $50 dollars

Now I am not going to sell it for $50 dollars, I might sell it for something like $25, still that is only 40,000 copies. You might say that is a large number. I say it is an extremely large number. That is such a large number I am going to quit this idea. I know I will never make it :(:(:(:(

The calculations say that whatever I do, this is not possible! This can never be done, nobody can sell 40,000 copies of a book!

Actually I am only kidding, I think that what I got going will succed. I can release the book in about one year, proud and happy to bring in well above $1,000,000 in a single launch. That makes two Million, one for the porject and one for the book. Amazing! This might be better than I thought!

I also need feedback and comments. Do you think this is a good idea? would you like to take part in the project? Do you want to start a forum on the subject? what would you like me to write more about, what would you like to see less about? Any questions, comments or remarks are welcomed at this point in time!

Thanks Chris

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