tisdag 29 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality

Finally most is up now for my website. I can now invest my money on the new website. I have managed to get PayPal 60% Verfied. I am looking for some number.. well anyway. When I find it I'll have the ability to shop online. Then I can buy my own hosting and all of that. The site www.online-marketing-expert.com is looking bad with that thing on top. If I manage to get hosting it will disappear and I know that will increase chances of getting customers.

I have spent the last 2-3 days getting it up with all the plug-ins and everything, it has been a hazzle. All this time I have had money in mind so it's no problem. I feel, if I go the extra mile today, it'll pay off tomorrow so I don't care if it takes some time. I am by no means a perfectionist as I have released the website looking like that. Well, I mostly use the "/recommends/product" extension to the site that I got from PowerLinkGenerator v4.1. It look really professional to click something that says "www.online-marketing-expert.com/recommends/RichJerk" for example. instead of having a link that looks like a total mess. stiqan19.richjerk.hop.clickbank.net which one is more likely to get clicked on? :D yeah I'd think so...

My articles are now out there. some are good and have gotten "digged" by digg it! That is always fun.. Some are more discreet and more of a test of the software I used to get them out there.

Thanks for reading once more!

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