onsdag 23 maj 2007

My money coming in NOW! yippi

Today I got another $15 from my AdNetwork! Earn Credit for your Website!

This gives you $5/site you own and $10 sign-up. Since I am running 3 sites I recieved $15 and $10 sign-up. That is $25 dollar for just having a website! How about that.

Alright, I suggest you join, there is absolutely nothing to loose by having an account. It's FREE and you get $5/month/site. Easy Equation, atleast for me. I don't know about you.. well if you want to sign-up for that, then follow this link: Earn Credit for your Website! Can't be more simple..

Also I have been on a camping trip for the last 24 hours. I have been hiking. It was survival camp kind of thing. We walked over 10 miles (16 Km).. I could tell you all about this trip, but I feel that I only have to talk about the mental factors of this hike. It began with a walk of 10 km. It was hot and the sun made everybodies shirts wet. You know what I mean. Then at about 1800 in the evening we arrived at the camp site. We located a spot for our tents and watched the sun go down. It was really soothing for your mind. Then we broke ourselves into teams and had a relay sprint, canoeing was our task. This was all mentally challenging for most people. The rain started to pour too. I wanted to do this with as little packing and stuff as possible, I had wet feet 97% of the trip. We slept in a shelter and I had time to think of my money. I came home and $15 popped into my account.. amazingly nice to come home to :)

Well, you might want to also review my blog for money! I have a few of the buttons on the page. You can review my blog posts in your blog and earn money. It is also an effective way to make friends and partners for the future. I'd suggest you go do that.

You will gain $7.50 for doing so and I also get $7.50 win/win, the best situation in the world!

Have a nice day just like I have and be sure to take some time off to think sometimes. You feel relaxed and can move about your day in a much more peaceful state of mind where I think all good thoughts come from. Also for better ideas, be around water. I came up with yet another idea when I was paddling.. I don't know what it is, but the shower or a nice bath usually gives you tons of ideas!

Thanks again

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