tisdag 15 maj 2007

One Day of Only Successes - Amazing things

Wow, this came to me as from nowhere! I have only had dedication that this will work, thus far. Today EVERYTHING happened at once.

I recieved my VISA card, I got a few e-mails saying how great my idea is and how they would like to follow my story. I also got my first Donation from a like minded individual who had a lot of nice websites which I am going to put under links! Forever. That is a smart move from him and it sure felt good for me. Help to gain. Easy philosphy.

Edit*: Holy smokes! just checked my clickbank account too.. my first sale there too, through affiliate link!? Where I put that, I will not tell, but seriously, the method in which I did that works. 100% FREE method. And I recieved a sale in first day from it.. What in the world? What is going on? money just puring in from all over the place!! :):):) Thanks universa for this abundace, I won't stop believing in you that's for sure :)

His website adress is: www.bookwithus.com Which is under construction.
There was another one:
www.areyouhealthy.com also under construction.

I thought the ideas behind these projects where very nice. I will look deeper into this!

My dad also talked to me about his lifes story on how he now is feeling better and better each day. He has a back injury that he used to take medication for. I told him to think of health and prosperity. He has never been happier and he is going to compete in a triathelon in two weeks. He told me that he took my advice and instantly he could run faster than ever (I don't know if that's true or not, lol he is still pretty slow :P). My tip was "Just Run". There is no limit as to what one can achieve. He talked about this really passionately and also spoke of a story of his life.

This story involves a monkey. It's a Swedish story and I can't seem to find more info about an english title, but anyhow this is how it goes.

I think it's called something in the lines of "The monkey who had latteral thinking"

There was a monkey who some scientists put inside a room, with a window at the top. It was very far out of reach. Then the scientists gave him some chairs, a table and some boxes thinking he would start building a ladder type construction to get himself out. Ofcourse the monkey just stood there doing some funny monkey stuff, I dunno scratch his arms or whatever mokeys do. He did that for some time, until one day the scientists decided that this monkey is stupid. He can't do anything. So they left the observation area.

Guess what. The monkey instantly started to build his ladder and jumped out the window and smiled to himself. "Stupid scientists". Point of the story being, there is more than what meets the eye. The monkey had latteral thinking, which the scientists would never have thought, who was smarter? I'd say the monkey.

Well so far I have made $50 dollars from this project and counting! That is pretty great!

Thanks for all the support and nice emails, appreciate them. When I am a huge role model for rich people I might just share those to people and tell them what they need to be doing!

Oh well, have to go to bed. Early Practice tomorrow. Have a nice one! and again, from the heart, Thank you!


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Xinfinitum sa...

Hi Christopher,

I noticed that your are on the Doubler's Zero to A Million adventure.

I have been working on The Double To A Million Plan since August 2006.

You can see my Blog at http://dtamp.blogspot.com

If you are interested I would be willing to add you to my "Comrades in Doubling" section if you would add a link back to me.

You can also find many of us Doubler's over at the Doubler's Den Forum.

It would be great if you joined us.

Let me know about the link exchange.