onsdag 2 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #9 - Activites of the day

Today I found something interesting! I found some money on the ground! It was five cents! At first I walked past it. Then I stopped, took another look and thought. Abundance!! I picked up the 5 cents and walked away.

Why is that important or in any way related to making $1,000,000?

Simple. any step is a step. I can count that in. Any other day I'd just walk and not even take notice that there can be money right in front of you. I do believe that what you focus on comes to you!

I am focusing on money and prosperity every day, so it's fair to say that I have hightend sense of awareness. As I would have walked past that money before, now I saw the opportunity to strike. This can be a sign that it is actually working. I know many people who read this will laugh at this kind of remark, so get over yourself. When I got the million and you don't I will be the one laughing so start focusing on what you want and it is bound to come!

I am not going to promote something today.. since that is an irritating thing to see in and between every post. I am going to focus a lot more on valuable content.

Thanks Chris

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