torsdag 24 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality closing in.

Today I got my domain name! Congratulations! It's officially
It's not finished yet so I have put up a little something with resell rights for the people interested. It's very temporary. I'll be sure to finish it by the end of May. Atleast I think I'll have it done, NO I will have it done. Right now I am looking for templates for the Joomla CMS. I don't know exactly which one to use, I am also thinking of using XOOPS. I do not know which one is the best for my sole purpose. I'll dig deeper into the facts on that later.

I am installing all of the databases and the Powerlink Generator for perfect affiliate link cloaking!

I am also really ill at the moment. I think that trip gave me a cold. I was arrogant enough not to remove my wet socks when entering my sleeping bag. There is another lesson for all of you! Don't go to sleep in wet socks, especially not outside!

Oh that's probably it for today, go check out the new site or the features of powerlink generator here:

Thanks for reading and will see you at the site hopefully!

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