lördag 26 maj 2007

Online Marketing Expert - Launched

Finally! I think I worked for like 21 hours yesterday. Not very healthy indeed. I feel a big shaken today, but the reason for doing so was that I had to get the site up and running with something. There is not much on there yet! I have to create a lot more content. This will be coming soon.

I was posting articles for 6-7 hours yesterday. I did find a nice tool to help me with this though.

There is just no words for how much that cuts time down! I can post "one" article to litterally hundreds of article directories, including, listen to this.. including Ezinearticles, goarticles and other big names! This is great for INSTANT thousands of backlinks since now a days people scrape your sites with RSS and then get the content to their site. This is totaly crazy and great method. I am exdpecting to rank relatively high on Google in about 1-2 month. Be sure to see me there.

I posted to about 30-40 PR 7 sites! How great is that? You can post 50 times if you want.. with a link to your site at the bottom. Listen to that now and see the possibilities you can get. I also did a simple test of putting an affiliate link in my article in hopes of spreading that virally and globally really quickly. I just have to find the best keywords, which is fun. I think the "hard work" is more fun than the easy work. I have not checked my accounts in a while, but I'm sure there is more money in them than before.

I am writing an e-book on how you can make hundreds of dollars per month through a viral method that I am pretty alone to use. I have seen it from some other people but not like mine. What it basically is, is having a website with squeeze page and a FREE sign-up for something, you also get a FREE rapport that can be spread freely. Massive traffic. You also use the "BitTorrent" filetransfer protocol in order to leverage this even more. Then guess what is inside that e-book? Yeah, that's right, that is where the money is at :)

Oh well, I have made a few sales doing this already. I am not complaining for free traffic and free sales for something I did once.

- is launching an internet marketing forum where users can post anything related to marketing and Online business ideas. It's pretty empty at the moment so if you have questions or suggestions to topics or whatever, then go over there and get the ball rolling! It will grow exponentially aftar a while. The beginning is always harder. I know, because I have started another forum before. It's swedish, but has thousand users coming back regularly. So check that out :)

Well that is all for now /Chris

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