söndag 27 maj 2007

Online Marketing Expert - Growing

In just two days I have managed to get a lot of articles published. These have already started to get "digg its" from digg.com. I am amazed at the traffic I am getting withot being near indexet yet. Taking my time here, articles not all submittet, content not 100% done and the "free hosting" on top of my site is killing me. I don't want to invest the money I have earned so far for hosting. I don't know what I'll do for that. I'm going to ask my dad for a "Graduation Present". That will be $47 for one year of hosting, should be enough to get the ball rolling. If anyone is willing to give me that kind of money then I'll put your name on the website as a resource for what ever, it's going to be on the first page, and notice I am getting traffic like mad from being online 2 days. I have over 100 visitors. I am also getting a steady 10 visitors/day to this blog which is more than nice! I am going to write another article today. I think I'll take an article I have written about video/audio becoming important.

To read it go to http://online-marketing-expert.com/main/news/latest/new-seo-techniques-revealed.html

that is all for today, and I have also got to notify you on my "double to a million journey". It's status now from 1 swedish kr to 32 swedish kr. I have found all of this money, or been given it. I have not yet doubled it by buying something and adding value to it.

Thanks for reading again! /Chris

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