måndag 7 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Status and mindset

Million Dollar Reality - Status and mindset

I have done some more research on some more keywords, for a site that I am going to launch as soon as I get my new VISA card. Since I now have a starting capital I can create my website. I have selected two/three methods and they are simply an AdSense webstite with alot of content and articles. This is optmized mainly for SEO. I'm sure you'll find it rank pretty high in a very short time after launch. I cannot reveal the market, but I find it profitable and very many people enjoy doing it. I have also an affiliate website in mind. It is going to consist of really great FREE tips on SEO, Internet Marketing and Reviews on the TOP PRODUCTS that the big guys use to make millions each year, sometimes per month. I have read all of them, I am ready. This is it. I have used all of the tools, many of the softwares, scripts and e-books that the so called top masters of the web use everyday. I have tuned in to many of the "behind the scenes" newsletters and teleconferences. I have been gathering huge amounts of marketing resources for over one month now. I have not even had time to go through them all yet, all I know is that what they do ANYONE can do. I'm so confident in my knowledge and desire to put all of this into action that this is only a few steps away. The plan is done, the tools I need are more than there. The resources I need are there. Now I am waiting like crazy for my Credit Card :) so I can start with hosting and domain names. This dream of a million dollars, is now a vision. A vision backed with specialized knowledge and faith. It is also backed with the information inside the masterminds. I can aquire all of this I figure in less than 2 years. I do belive that I have a potetianl to be done long before that. Napolen speaks of setting a definate date, for which I have done accordingly. My 21st birthday at twentyfourhundred hours is the timelimit. That gives me a little bit less than 2 years. Fair enough

*Intended amount to aquire: $1,000,000
*Time I have set to have aquired this amount: March 19,2009 at 2400 hours
*In return for this I will collect and serve valuable information to people in the online business and share with them great recourses for which I can slowly build my own business and grow as an individual and share my exoeriences with like-minded. SEO, marketing, mindsets, e-books, affiliate networks and tweaks for webdesign are all included.

I am ready to face what you have to challenge me with. Yes, I shall succed, for I have surrendered the thought of failure. No such word exists in my mind. Success and desire takes me so much higher.

I've been reading Think and Grow rich, for two days straight. I've been doing all of the exercises and tasks that you are supposed to do. I have come up with my goal. I have found my desire. I have written down all of the steps towards riches. I thought the book was great. It truly amazes me how easy an idea can really be. Just a simple idea, turning into hundreds of millions of dollar in a few short years. Mind boggling stuff. Mentioning companies such as Coca Cola and Wal-Mart and how they got to become so great, only shows that this truly is anybodies ballgame.


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