onsdag 9 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - How am I doing?

Today I have been reading some more on wealth. I have this thing when I start something I can't stop it until it's done. So I will keep reading and create ideas all the time. I feel I have to many ideas right now. I still need that credit card of mine so I can start for real. I have to get a domain and some hosting up and running.

I downloaded an interesting book called "How to double your way to a million dollars". It's a system that makes your mind think hard. the point of the book is basically to make you take concious action towards doing something. There are some simple rules in the book that you have to follow. You basically start with finding a one cent piece and then doubling it to a million. You'd think at first that this is an impossible task. I would agree at first glance. But look at the steps involved. It only really takes 28 times to double a penny to a million dollars.

#1 0.01
#2 0.02
#3 0.04
#4 0.08
#5 0.16
#6 0.32
#7 0.64
#8 1.28
#9 2.56
#10 5 (to make it easy)
#11 10
#12 20
#13 40
#14 80
#15 160
#16 320
#17 640
#18 1280
#19 2560
#20 5000 (again for simplicity)
#21 10,000
#22 20,000
#23 40,000
#24 80,000
#25 160,000
#26 320,000
#27 640,000
#28 1,280,000

Actually it only takes 28 times to double 1 cent to a million dollars and you get to share 280,000 with grandma! great! NOW will I attempt this? I don't know yet, it might be a thought. I do believe it can be done, I've seen one do it. This will require you to take action, a lot of action. Action is one of the key components to success so, yeah it is a good thing to try if you want.

Get the e-book about it first, for entire rulebook and tips/techniques.

I have almost finished Think and Grow rich. I am doing the exercises regularly to "inprint" this intention into my subcontious mind. The process is fun and I feel that I have to finish this. It's kind of a life goal. Two years is a real challenge and I've never attempted such a reachable goal, but with certain pressure to enforce desire. DESIRE is key. ACTION is key. KNOWLEDGE is key. Knowledge without action is useless, action without desire is not useless, but much weaker than with desire. With DESIRE, ACTION and BELIEF, KNOWLEDGE comes naturally, because you will seek the required KNOWLEDGE in people who has it. The desire makes your goal feel closer to your reality, you think about your goal all the time. Energy that would otherwise be spent on something useless is focused on this DESIRE. You can only win, the possibilites comes to you. You start looking for answers where you would never have looked otherwise. You start to think individually, you start to think outside the box looking for answers naturally. Your focus becomes so targeted your body relaxes, you feel happiness just thinking of something that is not yet there, but so near you that you can hear it coming really soon. Your energy bubble inside you bursts and you are on your way to achieving something. This feeling is too often looked for, but never found. I have found what drives me. This is it.

This can be the best thing I've ever done. I feel alive, I can't sleep because my head is always focusing it's energy to this project. That can be thought of as something negative. I feel it's great, I've waited a long time to feel this pulsating drive towards something. Now that I've started to act upon a strong intention the future holds something for me. I'm discovering more each day and I feel that peeling the onion can actually be fun. I never really liked peeling onions for my mom. I do however feel that peeling THIS onion, and removing the layers each day is really something I want to do.


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