onsdag 2 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #9 - Google Status

Anybody doubting in the profits of my website please go to google and search for million dollar reality. NOW without quotes ;)

It took me nine days to get on 11th place on google, for my primary keyword! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I have to start finding more keywords, related to "million dollars" and anything around it and post more articles about that, they can be pretty irrelevant as they bring visitors. That is all I want at the moment. I'm going to make a big Keyword list with huge density and perfect it in a couple of days. I was just focusing on my abilities as a SEO kiddo from Sweden.. seems to be working fine for my main target!

###Goal number one reached :)

I do however only list for 5 backlinks total on www.marketingleap.com which totally sucks. They all come from yahoo and msn too. So I have to focus more on getting high PR backlinks. This is a slow and fun process! I am thinking of taking this to the rot and just make a pure profit website and get it up and running in about 3 hours, and one week later make hundreds of dollars. That is not however the objective.. I need starting money. I know there are believers out there willing to donate. I will get you a link for a page that will be VERY high ranked in 5-6 weeks, my guess is already in two to three weeks thought.

$5 for a link $10 for a banner on the side or bottom, your decision. One time fee will stay forever. Good deal, if it's not good it's smart! Lifetime exposure on a rapid growing site, can you ask for more? hurry up, let's get this car rollin'!!!

Thanks Chris

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