tisdag 1 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Day #8 - Affiliate Strategies

I have spent an entire afternoon trying to find the best Affiliate marketing tips. I have found many, many tips. I think there are endless tips out there, but the best way I have found how to do it is pretty simple. It's FREE and requires only a small website, where you can get people to come. It's called a landing page! This information I am giving you right here usually costs atleast $47. I am giving it away for FREE since I believe in the fact that information should be free. That is why I have dedicated my life to Linux and spreading information.. Well the way that it works is you get an affiliate ID for a clickbank product.. such as http://stiqan19.bfmscript.hop.clickbank.net which would through my ID "stiqan19" send you to a landing page that is for Mike Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing Script, which by the way might be one of the most ingenius techniques out there for creating a "product selling website". So what are the components of that link??

http:// = is just the usual for a website.
stiqan19 = this is my clickbank ID that you can get over at clickbank.
bfmscript = This is the vendors clickbank ID.. this is the "product" so to speak.
hop.clickbank.net = is just what clickbank likes to call a "hoplink". that is included in every clickbank affilliate link!

Now that is not particulary attractive to the most common eye, or to the people that usually but from you.. See it's psychological. If you see that somebody else is making money from your "buy" then they might go into a halt. Therefore you want to "cloak" that link.

"How do you cloak a link?"

This is very simple. You can goto www.tinyurl.com and get your link shortened. This makes your url look like something like this. http://tinyurl.com/ywxj2m instead of like this http://stiqan19.bfmscript.hop.clickbank.net this is far more attractive. Only this little step can be the difference between rags or riches. This is truly amazing way to get more sales.

There is yet another method which requires you to have a PHP webhost and a own url. You can get some cheap hosting for only $4 all over the place. Just get cheap hosting, you can get away with about 25 mb in space. That is enough for the purpose of this!

Alright so you have your Hosting up and runnig, great.

Now you need to create a PHP-redirect script. This is done by the following code.

header( 'Location: http://www.yoursite.com/new_page.html' ) ;

This is going to tell that page to automatically go to that page, once a person goes to that link. This means that if your websites url is something like

You would want to make a recommends folder on that FTP server for that site. Now the site's url is:


This is where you put a *.php for your product that you want to sell. The product you are going to sells name perhaps. This could be "butterflymarketing" for example. Since that is the same I have been using throughout this post.

So you create a .php with the name "butterflymarketing" that gives you butterflymarketing.php

inside that file you want to put the mentioned code above.. with a redirect to your affiliate link!

header( 'Location: http://stiqan19.bfmscript.hop.clickbank.net' ) ;

Now when sending people to your page sen people to http://www.yoursite.com/recommends/butterflymarketing.php and they automatically come to www.butterflymarketing.com with your affiliate ID hidden inside!

That is an amazing way to get sales and with little to none effort! I hope you can see how powerful this truly is! This can make you 25 sales more per month if applied correctly. The only thing you have to do now is to get people to your link! That's traffic! BUY IT or CREATE IT.. That I'll leave up to you.

Thanks for reading this information! It is probably worth $47 or more and I am giving it to you for free. Internet marketers will probably think, "how is this kid going to make one million dollars giving away free information that is totally underground"? Well we'll see, Good Deeds usually add up in one way or another.

/thanks Christopher

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