fredag 11 maj 2007

Million Dollar Reality - Finding money all over the place

It's interesting how since I started this "project" I have been saying the affirmations with feeling to myself more than twice daily. More like 200 times daily. I am programming my mind towards the success. The interesting thing here is that money pops up from all over the place. I lift my bag at school, there is "1 kr" = "$0.14", I keep walking and I find another one. It's funny how you notice these small things. I have never stopped to pick up "1 kr" before, now I do. I mean, ever little piece is a step towards greater things. We all know that. Baby stepping my way to greater riches. I have manifested almost $25. I am happy and greatful for that. Respect money, be greatful for it. Money will come if you ask. Money can hear.


1 kommentar:

Kevin sa...

please actually WORK towards your million dollar reality.
The secret is pseudo-science.

And if you don't believe me...
Good luck on "attracting" your millions.